Moorland protection – a question of survival.

Because otherwise, the world is doomed.

Nature needs moors – and moors need us.


Moorlands are in constant decline – including in Germany, where 95% of the country’s original 1.5 million hectares of moorland have already been drained. The problem is that only intact moorland can bind and store carbon in the long term. Their destruction is accompanied by the release of huge amounts of CO2, which in turn contributes to global warming. At the same time, their unique flora and fauna are lost. Nature needs moors – and moors need us.

Climate protection – it’s all in the peat.

Although it covers just 3% of the global land area, moorland stores twice as much carbon as all the planet’s forests combined. How moorland protects the climate.

Biodiversity – saving habitats.

While carbon is trapped underground, unique flora and fauna are free to revel on the surface. A glimpse of natural diversity that must not be lost.

Moorland in danger – when carbon loses its bond.

Moore sind Weltmeister im Klimaschutz – aber nur wenn das Wasser steht. Trotzdem werden Moore auch heute noch entwässert. Mit schwerwiegenden Folgen.

Renaturalisation and sustainable management – it’s worth it!

If we want a future worth living, moorlands must be restored to their original state. Moor-friendly agriculture is also possible.